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Apr 16

On this 4sqDay, we’re celebrating our amazing global community of superusers. Happy 4sqDay!

Five years ago on 4/16, some of Foursquare’s biggest fans in Tampa started what would become the tradition of 4sqDay (the day was chosen because it’s 4/4²… four squared!)

It quickly became a day to gather as a community and celebrate all over the world. From Paris to Istanbul, New York to Jakarta, Moscow to Berlin, and beyond, we’re humbled year after year by our incredible community of over 45 million people on Foursquare and over 40,000 superusers around the world.


Celebrating 4sqDay in Istanbul, 2013.

This year we’d again like to give special thanks to the backbone of that global community: our amazing superusers. For those of you who don’t know, our superusers are responsible for making Foursquare awesome. They fill in missing location info, update place categories, review tips, and provide important product feedback. They’re a huge part of the Foursquare family and we can’t thank them enough.

Have a great day, and be sure to tweet your meetup pics with #4sqDay to see how others are celebrating around the world.

Happy 4sqDay 2014!

Apr 14

Want a more interesting life? Follow the Most Interesting Man’s tips around the world on Foursquare

He doesn’t always check in, but when he does, he leaves amazing tips. The Most Interesting Man in the World has joined Foursquare, and he’s more debonair than ever.

Looking to spice things up? Here are a few places to start:




Follow The Most Interesting Man on Foursquare for these and hundreds more tips around the world.

Apr 10

If you haven’t heard of the ‘Heartbleed’ security issue yet, you should probably read this.

If you’ve ever logged into a website, you’ve passed data over a secure connection. For the majority of websites on the internet (including, that secure connection is powered by a thing called OpenSSL. On April 7, researchers discovered a flaw in OpenSSL. This vulnerability, called Heartbleed, could have allowed attackers access to any of this data passed over a ‘secure’ connection, like password information. (For more information on Heartbleed, read this). For an overview of affected major sites, click here.

So what is Foursquare doing about this?

First, we’ve ensured that all of our systems, and the systems of vendors we use have been upgraded to the patched versions of OpenSSL without the vulnerability. This task was completed within 48 hours of it being disclosed publicly.

Second, we’ve recreated and re-deployed new SSL certificates and reset our internal credentials (basically, changed things that could have been compromised because of Heartbleed). We have also revoked our older certificates just to be safe. This task was completed by 7pmEST on April 10th.

As of right now, we have no indication that this vulnerability was used against That said, the nature of Heartbleed makes it hard to detect, so we’re encouraging great caution.

This is obviously a big issue for security on the internet. If you have any questions at all just reach out to our support team @4sqsupport. We’ll keep you posted as things develop.

The weather’s looking up in NYC. Use Foursquare to find rooftop bars this weekend.

Now that it’s warming up in NYC, rooftops are starting to open at hotels, bars, and clubs around the city. Even if you’re not in New York, try searching Foursquare for “roof deck” or “rooftop” to find places nearby where you can get some sun on your face and a mojito in your mouth.

Here are a few tips to get you started:



Starting in May, you can even view some art on a rooftop at the Met:


Go out and get some sun!


Out today: A new way for publishers and brands to quickly write tips. Introducing the Foursquare tip button for your browser.

People love insider tips on Foursquare. They help power our recommendations and help people decide what to order. And there are thousands of brands using Foursquare to share their know-how. So, today, we’re releasing a new way for publishers and social media managers to quickly and easily turn any text on a web page into a Foursquare tip.


If you’re a publisher, here’s how you can use it:

That’s it! Have fun leaving more tips than ever before with our tip button.

Apr 07

Game of Thrones fan? Check out these real life medieval places in NYC…

So the new season of Game of Thrones kicked off last night and now you’re wondering how to get your Medieval fix until next week’s episode. We’ve got you covered with three places to visit in NYC…

1) Medieval Art Gallery at the Met

Spend an afternoon walking amongst the armor and art of the times. (Keep an eye out for priceless dragon eggs.)


(Photo by Joseph T.)

2) The Cloisters

Walk around and you’ll feel like you’re taking a stroll through King’s Landing. While you’re there you can visit the Cloister Cafe and spend some time exploring the rest of Fort Tryon Park.

(Photo by Nina Y.)


3) Medieval Times

If you’re more into sword fighting and carnivorous eating, may we suggest Medieval Times in New Jersey?  Feast on turkey legs and meade while you watch knights battle to the death.

(Photo by Ophelia T.)


 Keep an eye out for direwolves and have fun exploring out there. 

Apr 03

How about some puppies and sunshine on Foursquare today?

Now that the weather is finally warming up here in NYC, you don’t need a reason to get out and watch some dogs run around. But here’s three anyway: doing so is free, cute, and amazing.

We searched Foursquare for some great photos and tips from Tompkins Square Dog Run downtown… 


Photo by Michelle S.

 …to Carl Schurz Dog Run uptown:


Photo by Spencer V.

Not in NYC? Use Foursquare to find a dog run near you.

Apr 02

It’s National Peanut Butter and Jelly day! Celebrate with Foursquare.

In honor of this very special peanut butter jelly time holiday, we’ve rounded up some of the best spots in NYC to get the famed childhood sandwich and the sweets it has inspired.

Of course there’s Peanut Butter & Co, where you can get The Elvis:


Here’s what it looks like:


(photo by Christopher J.)

More of a sweet tooth? try the peanut butter and jelly cupcake at The Little Cupcake Bakeshop or check out Bouchon Bakery and try a macaron:


Not in NYC? Try searching peanut butter and jelly near you or just watch five minutes of dogs eating peanut butter. 

Mar 28

See what’s cool with insider tips from Thrillist on Foursquare

Thrillist already keeps you on top of the best restaurants and bars in your city with their daily e-mails. But when you’re out and about, sometimes you can’t remember the places they highlight. Now you can follow them directly on Foursquare and see tips about the best places, wherever you are.

Here are a few we like:




Follow Thrillist for more tips.

Mar 27

How can you make the Sweet 16 even sweeter? Use Foursquare to find the best bars to watch the games

The Sweet 16 round of March Madness begins tonight and if you can’t make any of the big games in person, Foursquare has you covered.

No matter what team you’re cheering for, you’ll want to have a game plan for where to watch. Try searching Foursquare for Florida Gators, Michigan Wolverines, Wisconsin Badgers (or your favorite team) to find the best sports bars where you can be around your fellow fans.


Is you bracket already busted? No worries, simply search for wings or cheap beers and you can still have a fun night.